Trying Something New...

Hey, folks! I've been mulling over exactly what I want to accomplish with this blog, and I've decided to try an experiment. I'm going to shift the focus of my blogging activities from here to a Patreon blog.

If you're not familiar with Patreon, here's how it works: Patreon is a site that allows people to support the work of artists, writers, etc. by using what's basically a subscription model. Patrons, as they're called, sign up for a certain amount per month, and in return they get access to art, stories, whatever--sometimes exclusives, sometimes sneak peeks or early access. The center of all this is the artist/writer's Patreon feed, where they post images, writing, audio content, etc. Patreon also allows me to add content to the feed publicly, so that it's free for all to see. This is what I want to do--shift my blog over to a mostly-public Patreon blog.

First, what this doesn't mean: it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop blogging here altogether, at least not anytime soon. I've got things set up so that content on Patreon will go up on this blog as well--albeit at a slight delay. It also doesn't mean that I'm putting my blogging behind a paywall: my goal is for the majority of my Patreon posts to stay free for everyone to read.

Here's what is does mean: it does mean that there will be special extra treats for people who pay for a subscription on my Patreon page--such as access to extra daily doodles, sneak peeks, and maybe a few free downloadables. I also hope that it means that it will be easier for readers to keep up with and engage with my posts--I have found Patreon a pretty friendly platform, as someone who follows a few artists and writers there.

My main aim right now isn't really to make money, but if I get more subscribers I may expand the patrons-only content. We'll see! Everything is very possible!

All of this to say: if you're happy with this blog, nothing is going to change any time soon. If you're interested in following me on Patreon, that's now a great option to get earlier and more frequent updates of much the same content.