ART: Page 18 from Sketchbook 55

In the first, 2006 draft of this story, the Corrigan was a major bad guy and I'm not ashamed to admit he was largely modeled on the Joker, because the Joker is my favorite villain. Since then, however, as Yellow's story has changed dramatically, the Corrigan has become a pretty minor character. He's still a Corrigan--the surname given by default to all babies stolen by fairies that make it to adulthood.

I may use elements of the old Corrigan in a Lovelace story, though. I think the character as originally conceived would fit better with Lovelace and Quineas.

Yellow, in what proved to be a pretty definitive look for her--I almost always draw her in some variation of this dress-and-pinafore outfit, and the gardening and bees have both proved more significant in this take on the story.