ART: Page 17 from Sketchbook 55

Two minor characters from BP&P, my novel WIP: the protagonist Yellow's sister, and her daughter. At the time I drew this I was still calling Yellow's sister Clothilde, but now she's called Elesbed. Edwige is still Edwige, however.

Unfortunately, things do not go well for them.

Two guys I don't draw as often as I used to: Theo, the grumpy big-nosed guy I've been drawing for well over a decade without being able to settle on a story; and Saul, who is charming and selfish and will eventually be one of the protagonists in a loosely episodic novel that may end up a series of novels. I have a lot of his life worked out and most of it consists of him making mistakes.

A moonbuggy, quoting a song and looking especially long-nosed for some reason.