Assorted Unsorted Asides

There's entirely too much filling the space between my most recent two posts to explain or even to summarize; I'll settle for a few highlights.

1. The London Underground: Although the majority of Mr. Seal's European Adventure took place in Germany, we did take a week to see London. My friends, it marks me out as a former Anglophile and I am at peace with this (mostly), but I love the London Underground. The best day of my UK trip was the day I took a few hours and just went from station to station, taking photos and watching people. Here, have a photo:

And really, that's about all I can say about my time in Europe. The rest I'm still making sense of.

2. Surprising Developments in My Personal Life: In between leaving my Day Job and going to Europe and whatnot, I met a gentleman who likes multiagent systems and what with one thing and another we've decided that the multiagent system we like best is the one in which we're married, so we'll be doing that shortly.

3. Creative Projects: Finding another Day Job and planning a wedding are taking up a great deal of my time and energy, as you might surmise, but I have not ceased either to draw or write--however slow the trickle gets, it's always there. As noted in my prior post, I have a few writing exercises from my time in Europe that I hope to post soon. I'm also aiming to resume posting of sketches, as I built up a bunch while I was scanner-less in Germany.

On the list of things you likely won't see soon but are kind of exciting to me are some short stories I'm working on about robots and doomed expeditions, as well as research for BP&P which may shortly issue in an outline.

And, of course, there's still my Zazzle shop, which I hope to update again soon.

4. Anxiety and the Lead Snail: I will confess, the gentleman who likes multiagent systems and I are sufficiently happy with one another's company that my little lead snail of sadness seems almost weightless at times--but the things that are wrong with my brain are still wrong, so fear sits under my ribs some mornings. You are never alone and always alone, and circumstances don't change that. Like everyone else whose bones are full of noise, I can only put one foot in front of the other.

Nevertheless, the Almighty has given me a good road to walk on my tiger feet.