ART: Page 16 from Sketchbook 55

Oh, dear. This is one of the oldest character designs associated with this setting, and a major player in the original 2006 iteration of BP&P. However, I'm struggling to see a place for him in the novel as it's shaping up. This is too bad, because this is a character design I remain fond of after all these years. It's based loosely on a decorative element I saw at the Getty Villa, and for want of a better name I call him the fairy lion.

It's tough to know what to say about these drawings sometimes. I don't like to tell you what to think, but I don't want to leave folks in the dark, either.

He's called Amadeus, and I think he plays the xylophone.

...Hmm. This seems to be the sketchbook page of Characters I Thought Initially Would Survive the Revamp of BP&P But May Not. This gentleman shows up at the fringes of several stories, actually, and if I ever write that story about the pumpkin dragon he'll have a major role.

Would you believe me if I said he's half-dragon? He used to look the part, but magical morphology is susceptible to cultural pressure and he's lived long enough to be seriously impacted by what people believe about him.

Deathface is, of course, simply an irreverent nickname based on one of the masks he wears. His real name is Poundfoolish.

This, at least, has survived the transition. This toy rabbit causes an utterly disproportionate amount of trouble. It might be a ghost, but it's not any kind of ghost Yellow, the Baptist Minister, or even more sinister persons have ever encountered before.

Ghosts, man. Ghosts are just too much trouble.