ART: Page 15 from Sketchbook 55

I debated within myself about whether to post these, because technically I posted them earlier in the year. However, analytics tell me that they didn't get a ton of hits, so I'm guessing that reposting them isn't going to cause intense frustration to anyone, and it will enable me to have a more complete set of sketchbook page posts (which makes me happy).

This is one of the earlier sketches I did after I'd settled that Yellow was, in fact, called Yellow. These are definitely her best clothes, and in fact probably a dress she was given by her fiancé that was. It's a bit up-to-the-minute for the village of Modesty in which Yellow lives. She certainly wouldn't wear it to paint the wooden bees she carves, so this drawing is very much a posed piece.

I'm unsure how much else to say about Yellow, really; I have a lot figured out but it's all out of order, so to speak, because the novel's plot has complexified itself since I started drafting in November and as I've done more research since halting composition.

Snot Otter is probably not the mythical salamander proper, for a host of reasons, but not an actual real salamander species, either. Kind of an amalgam of some salamander species I like, with some added license for other purposes. He's definitely modeled on a hellbender (as near as I can get--I'm no expert), although given his habitat I think the rather dramatic frills may not be necessary.

Yellow found him living in Mamie Rib's abandoned house when she and her family cleaned the place up, and since it would be rude to turn him out they have struck up a friendship.