ART: Page 10 from Sketchbook 55

I have never, ever been able to capture Ginger as she looks in my mind. I drew this latest failure while thinking about how I'm eventually going to fix the middle of Linus' story, the bit where he winds up in New London bouncing around and gradually having a breakdown while creepy stuff happens. I didn't know what went there so I made a lot up at random; now that I've gained some life and writing experience and realized the unreliabilities in Linus' narrative, I think I'm beginning to see my way. In the original Cyrus was this looming absence, because Ginger took up with Linus after Cyrus disappeared. Now I think Cyrus is still on the scene, and Ginger takes up with Linus largely to spite Cyrus. And then things go pear-shaped, of course.

In some ways, while Ginger is clearly the ultimate victim of this mess considering what happens to her (spoiler: it's bad), Linus is also sort of a victim of the Ginger-and-Cyrus drama. Though he would never consent to such a characterization.

(I'm actually really excited about this story and its possibilities and it's taking a great deal of restraint to keep this description to this length. I feel I deserve credit for not telling you every last little thing about Linus.)