Another By-the-Way Update

I haven't done a general update in a while, so I think I'll do that.

I am profoundly disgusted by the warmth, which is effectively ruining Christmas (green Christmases are a normal part of my life, but at least it should be cold). It's also putting back the winter sowing, per my father's recommendation. Also it just makes me nervous.

I'm looking back at my Magic Schoolbus Year, and while I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked, it has to be said that I definitely took chances, made mistakes, and got messy. So... success? I'm thinking of calling 2016 Magic Schoolbus Year II, perhaps with goals that I'm more likely actually to accomplish.

Research on BP&P is going, but much slower than I'd like. Frankly, the back half of this year has been a rough one--the front half I was weighted down by sadness, but the back half just exploded on me on a number of fronts--work, health, and other areas. I've been running behind for months. Including on research. Still, I poke at it as I can, and I'm still optimistic about the story.

And what of my sadness? Holidays are always a rough time, but all I know to do is keep trucking. I feel vaguely, as I have all year, that I am missing--but for someone who's missing I've managed to be awfully busy, so I suppose somebody's here occupying the space in which I am purportedly instantiated.

The year is almost out, chums. All that's required to get to 2016 is to keep getting up in the morning and doing what we can.