An Excerpt? A Poem? A List?

I am sorting through my old paper journals (journal, she says--by which she actually means a conglomeration of diary entries, sermon notes, doodles, story planning, and commonplace book), looking for some writing-related stuff, and I keep running across things I don't remember writing, but am sort of glad I did.

Here's a thing I wrote:

do not go gently into that good night.
three fireflies
the pillars of Genesis
apocalyptic sphinxes
the dead country; welcome

darling Heliotrope
do not tell me you are alone
the trees encircle, dancing

I own the circles
which is to say, nothing

I offer to you this black candor
belong, let us belong

single circular movements
not circular
not circular
not circular
three anticlockwise uncircular sixteenths
the number of of of -----death

the movement of three phases
developing in the sun--
delicate images of colonialism.

the wish to do something new is
the stone polished god

I desire calotypes.