Art: More of Page 15 from Sketchbook 53, and Some Ink Doodles

Some more odds and ends from page 15 of Sketchbook 53. Page 16 is so light as to be unscannable, unfortunately. OH WELL. So you get that jack-wolf.

Clockwise from top left: manticore, troll(?), Fenris, Scooter the imaginary monster, and a feather boa (har har).

Also, from my Instagram, here are some doodles I've been doing on little scraps of bristol I have leftover. I am not yet decided what to do with them when they're finished... maybe try to figure out selling them somehow?


Finally, let me note that if you feel I don't update this blog enough (it's true, but until I finish navigating a few personal challenges I am facing, it's unlikely to change) I post a fair number of Post-It note doodles, old sketches, and WIPs on my various social media. You can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr... and, if all goes well, shortly on my Facebook page as well.