Art (for sale!): Thumbprint Madness

So if you've been following any of my social media lately, you may have noticed that a sudden frenzy has overtaken me. It... well, let me just share some pictures (click the names to see a more detailed scan):

Top row, L to R: Hippocampus, Pegasus, Satyr, Sphinx (SOLD), Green Man
Middle row, L to R: Sleipner, Manticore, Gryphon
Bottom row, L to R: Peryton, Cockatrice, Tarasque

Top row, L to R: Eurasian Red Squirrel, Common Octopus, Gambel's Quail (SOLD)
Bottom row, L to R: Cat, American Robin (SOLD), Rabbit

Clockwise from top: Mothman, Chupacabra, Axehandle Hound, Cactus Cat

The good news: all of these are for sale (several others, which you can see on my Instagram, have been bought or gifted already)! I'm charging $3 a pop, plus $2 for US shipping (international shipping will be calculated case-by-case). I'm currently only accepting payment via Paypal. To purchase, you can email me at the.tbjeremiah at gmail, or send me a private message on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.

I'm not saying for sure, but it's also possible that I might offer thumbprint commissions at some point, depending on how much energy my new hours at the day job leave me.