Some Scattered Observations

None of these make for a complete post, but I'm impelled by reasons I can't explain to share them anyway.

1. I went to a furry convention not too long ago, because it was nearby and I was curious. I learned a couple of things. It's true, what they say, that furries are very friendly folks at conventions. It's also true (despite my propensity for using squirrels to express my feelings) that I'm really not much of a furry OR a person who could do conventions regularly.

2. It's weird how so much of grief is really more like confusion.

3. Sometimes, when you are afraid of something because you think it is going to upset all of your hard work at being OK--sometimes the thing you were afraid of happens. Sometimes it’s as awful as you thought it would be. But sometimes, instead, it somehow manages to close a few of the doors of sadness in your head, and while you may not be OK you have at least closed those doors. I guess what I’m saying is, don’t panic. There’s a possibility it might not be as terrible as you think it’s going to be.

4. My cilantro is very sprawly but alive. The sensitive plants are not doing well and I'm not sure why. The marigold seedlings outside, on the other hand, are BLOOMING. I love marigolds beyond all reason.

5. Folks were talking about parmesan crisps on Twitter, so I looked up an Alton Brown recipe and after some tweaking they proved mysteriously delicious. It's literally just little piles of cheese on a cookie sheet in the oven.

6. I don't understand what's happening in the world, and I won't offer any false consolation. The dead remain dead for all our poor efforts, and it's not words but miracles that will fix that problem. I won't fake a smile to shield anyone from the starkness of reality, of sin and its penalty and its only remedy. Get your cheap laughs elsewhere.

7. The Almighty’s kindness to me is not always exactly pleasant, but he cares for his own people better than they understand.