Art: A Harpy, and Page 15 from Sketchbook 53

This is from way back earlier in the year when I tried to do the monster girl challenge for the umpty-millionth time. I didn't get super far but I had a lot of fun with stippling anyway (I love stippling). I. I may or may not really get the point of the monster girl challenge.

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Tiny Lovelace. I go back an forth on whether he should have horns or not. It doesn't change anything with the stories, I just can't decide what I like best. Lovelace, since I never say much about my stories these days, is a fairy who solves problems for people. You might call him a private investigator, but it's a term he dislikes. He specializes not so much in uncovering mysteries as resolving weird and uncanny difficulties. He has been employed by the police in the past, but not in any detecting capacity (still, the connection does come in handy once in a while).