Ridiculous Zazzle Shop Updates

African Civet Tshirt
African Civet Tshirt by tbjeremiah
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I added a bunch of new products using existing designs to my Zazzle shop (actually, I do that every so often anyway--a good reason to check back in every so often!). For instance, a ghost friend onesie, a southern African mammals mousepad, and a whole flock of postcards.

But also, I have added two brand new designs:


There are a truly awe-inspiring number of civet-themed items now to be found in my shop. A terribly civilized t-shirt, for instance (can be customized to men's, etc.--in fact, most products can be customized to different styles and so forth). For the junior naturalist, you can get a less-civilized civet with his Latin name on an erudite coffee mug. There are even post-it notes. And more. So much more.

Some folks may recall this from my InkTober posts. It looks really striking on a shirt with that splash of color, but you can also get it as a poster, a pretty neat coffee mug, and other products.

You can find all of the new designs and products in the New Arrivals category, where they'll remain until the next update.