Holy moly it's a bunch of charming animals!

Well, that was a week-and-a-half. Unexpected and undesired events over the weekend threw off all of my careful plans, and what suffered the most was this blog. On the bright side, I have done all that I believe lies within my power regarding a vexing personal situation, so I have hopes of being able to make progress in leaving it behind me.

Also on the bright side, a project I've been working on for some time has finally reached completion:

I ran across a tutorial for creating a tiling pattern (and then mislaid the link, to my deep chagrin), and decided that the best way to test it would be to draw over thirty southern African mammals (and a couple of non-mammals). Here you behold the results (yes, there is a honey badger. Can you find it?).

BUT WAIT! (as they say)

There is, in fact, more.

Yes, you are correct: a whole mess of products bearing this delightful pattern may be found in my Zazzle shop! Not only the notecard above, but everything from iPhone cases to tissue paper! I have added fifteen new products to the shop, all told.

Even better news: over the coming weeks I cherish the hope of separating out, recoloring, and putting some of the individual animals on stuff. Prefer a mug with nothing but a charming African Civet on it? Never fear, my friend, you will have your wish in due time. Also I will post my progress on this blog, for the pleasure and edification of all and sundry. As one does.


PLUS if you use code NEWARRIVAL4U you can get anywhere from 15% to 30% off your order!

Someday, when I am not taken up with drawing innumerable animals, fending off personal matters, or working unexpected hours at Day Job, I will provide a non-Zazzle update (possibly even further adventures of Mr. Seal). Until then, I remain yr. humble correspondent.