Falling down, and getting back up again, and falling down...


It looks like I forgot I had a blog for nearly two weeks!

This blogging thing, my friends. It's tougher than it used to be, for some reason ("some reason," I say, knowing perfectly well what the reasons are). Still, we persist! I continue to believe that I can make something worthwhile out of this blog, if I ever manage to grow my personality and my energy back.

The cilantro is starting to sprout, very slowly, and the sensitive plant seedlings are putting out adult leaves (is that what you call them? I'm the worst gardener). I cannot get over how charming they are when they fold up their leaves for bed at night. I can't get a good photo of them, but maybe tomorrow I can take a picture of them in the daytime. You'll have to imagine them folding their tiny leaves up.

Tomorrow we're moving the marigold outdoors for keeps. We've been hardening them off all week, they are huge, they need to go outside.

Also tomorrow I'll write something up about my drawing, because I've been promising all kinds of posts with drawings and have really not delivered, and there is a reason for that.

For now, I am going to sit with the weight in my chest and take consolation in my sensitive plants tucking themselves in for the night.