World without end, amen

When last we left our slightly less than intrepid protagonist, I'd been having a rough time but was trucking along. Situation remains largely unchanged, which is maybe why I haven't been posting much. Also my niece was visiting, and let me tell you, my friends, keeping up with a tiny person is surprisingly intense. The upsides is that she likes when I draw things and let her color them, which makes me feel useful.

Twitter followers may have noticed me reporting on rejections--a whole flock came in, so I've got four pieces to get back out there (and another to query after... again). I have, of course, rent my garments and proclaimed myself a failure and howled dismally at the night sky and threatened to run screaming into the night to live in the Great Dismal Swamp with the skunk apes.

However, I have it on fairly reliable information that while the skunk apes have no objection to company, they draw the line at my bringing my rubber duck collection.

So I will, I suppose, have to get those pieces back in circulation.