This week in the exciting life of the garden

I realize that this blog is running a risk of becoming some kind of gardening blog, but I can't help it. I'm really enjoying working in the garden this year. I'll post some art or maybe more about that jackalope soon. I do have updates along those lines, it's just been a rather ferociously busy time lately (went to a hockey game, got a batch of essays to grade, inconstant weather is giving me frequent headaches, etc.).

Also if I'm honest, thinking about the garden helps me not think about other, less profitable things.

Right now, though, we've had a few marigold and chrysanthemum seedlings unfurl from their spot in the window-well. Nothing from the shasta daisies or nasturtiums, but they're not due to sprout for several days yet. Since they're incubating in the spare bedroom where I work, the sight and smell of them keeps me company while I write or grade essays or draw.

Next to the germinating seeds sit the cactus and aloe my sister gave me, but I'm not really sure they're doing all that well. I don't know much about them, and I've been following the information I found online but the aloe is looking pretty sad. I just keep monitoring and watering as seems appropriate, and hoping for the best.

Outside, there are daffodils popping up everywhere--along the side of the house, at the end of the driveway, in the backyard. The ones in the backyard are budding, and this afternoon I spotted a thread of bright yellow along the tip of one bud. I think we might have flowers soon.

You may recall my words about mulch. Well, turns out the mulch had the last laugh--we're a little short and will have to get more to finish all the beds. Of course.