My 2015 Big Novel Project

Well, folks, I've gone and done it--I've picked a novel project for 2015! Your votes were immensely helpful in the decisionmaking process.

Beyond Porch & Portal (working title, though I really like it so it may stay) is the story of a psychopomp but lately drawn to Paris, who makes a critical mistake on the job involving a toy rabbit and the afterlife. Now she has to try to fix things while reality starts coming unwound and a sinister stranger dogs her steps.

Plus, she's nursing a broken heart. As you do.

This is basically a burn-everything-and-start-over redo of my 2006 NaNoWriMo project, because I liked the characters and premise but boy howdy was the plot a mess. Some of you have read chunks of that story; there will be some overlap (you may recognize the lady above, for instance!), but I'm not actually going to look at the old version because I don't want to feel overly bound to the previous iteration.

This is really exciting for me. Practically since I stopped actively working on that project I've wanted to do an overhaul, and I think I'm at a point in my life and writing where I have a chance of doing it justice.

I'm actually going to have to do a bunch of research for this project, which is part of why I'm making it this year's big novel. I will try to post about the process, including a request for recommendations in the near future.