Christmas Adventures of the Admirable Mr. Seal

First, have you taken my poll? Help me figure out this zine thing!

Second, I got a new scanner for Christmas and figuring that puppy out may delay scanning the Christmas doodles a bit. But never fear! You will get your doodles!

Third, followers on Twitter and Facebook may have observed some shenanigans with seals going on lately. It was like this:

Yr. correspondent likes Christmas. So does our good friend, impeccable gentleman, and crack tree decorator Mr. Seal.

Only a few of you have actually met Mr. Seal before, I believe, so perhaps introductions are in order. Mr. Seal has been with us for over a decade and a half, steadfastly being pillowlike and also seal-shaped (and also just a little bit shark-shaped? Rumors abound concerning forbidden liaisons somewhere in his family tree, but Mr. Seal maintains a dignified silence). He has traveled--oh, how he has traveled! Though a homebody at heart, he is willing to drop everything should one of his friends need his company on a road trip, plane journey, or midnight escape.

Take this Christmas, for instance, when he was called upon to leave his cozy home to take Christmas cheer to distant relations.

Dutifully, Mr. Seal prepared himself for a long ride with nothing to listen to but the radio, because this particular car (also steadfast, also more than a decade old) is a little deficient in the sound system department.

Mr. Seal always buckles his seatbelt. He is a stickler for road safety.

Mr. Seal is generally happy where he is (even when he has to travel), but sometimes he likes to sit down with a nature program about the Arctic, watching other seals and dreaming of strange, cold waters.

But he really loves a cozy Christmas morning.

He is also not averse to making a stop at the local coffee shop wherever he finds himself, resting, watching passersby, and ruminating on seal matters.

And, of course, enjoying a final latte before he starts his journey home.