2015: Year of Art Challenges

In December I decided that 2015 is going to be my Magic School Bus Year. Take chances, make mistakes, get messy. I've already talked about some of the new projects and ideas I'm tackling this year, and you'll be seeing more in the future.

Among other things, I want to draw regularly. One obstacle to that is that these days I feel so much pressure to somehow make up for all of the time I wasted last year (long story) that I lock up and can't decide what to draw. So I made myself a spreadsheet combining eleven months' worth of my favorite monthlong drawing challenges, to give myself something to draw every day. And then I formatted it into calendar pages and added colors and linked to sources and stuff.

If you're interested in a calendar of art challenges running February through December 2015, along with a supplemental sheet with some extra challenges (in case you want to swap one out, or decide to keep going into 2016), have I ever got the spreadsheet for you!

2015: Year of Art Challenges Spreadsheet

(Special thanks to the wonderful C. Paplham, who came through in spades when I asked Twitter to suggest good art challenges)

I will note that I've had to tweak a few of the challenges to fit the spreadsheet--generally either by rewording a prompt to fit the box, or by chopping/adding one or two prompts to fit the number of days in the month. You can see the original version of each by clicking the challenge title link.

I have no idea if I'm going to keep this up all year. I'm guessing some months there will be failures, and that's OK.