CLOSED Christmas Eve Doodle Giveaway!

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! As noted below, it will me a few days before I'm able to post the drawings. Happy Christmas, everyone!

My inestimably frangible damselflies! My loves my lo-ammi, here's the fact: I love Christmas. I love Christmas so much that there's no hope of me speaking coherently about it.

The desert is drifted with impossible snow, and the black land is all frozen over so that the little black-throated animals cannot get out of their dens to bite at our heels. Hard-knuckled saints and kaleidoscope-winged angels sit in twos and threes at their love-feasts, singing strange songs about Mother Mary and about this strange and terrible and wonderful thing the Almighty has done.

There is a king about his weird and bloody business--on the road called Justice-and-Mercy such doings are always afoot, but at the end of the year when the world get thin we forgetful tiger-footed striplings like to remind ourselves while we wait for news of his return.

So, in the abundance of my tinseled and disorderly delight, I want to give gifts!

Comment on this post with three words and I will draw a quick doodle for you based on your words.

I'm traveling today, and I think that makes a good window for requests. I'll update this post with an announcement when I arrive at my destination and close requests. I'm not sure exactly when I'll get all the drawings done, because I'm celebrating, but I won't be able to scan until I get back home; still, I aim to have them all posted before the end of the year.

ETA: I'm going to leave this open a while longer. Not sure when I'll close the offer, but I'll edit this post with a notice at the top once I do close it.