InkTober, Days 25-31

Here are the last of my InkTober drawings! In the last few days of the month I got a completely new brush pen. It's a very nice brush pen! But it's a tool I've never really used much, and so these last few drawings represent me exploring and messing up and generally encountering a steep learning curve with this new tool (plus, if we're honest, a couple of drawings where I did something easy because I was tired). Which is part of what InkTober was all about for me, so I suppose it's an appropriate end to the month.

Deathface is a character about whom I've written occasionally. He's a psychopomp by trade.

The Goblin Fox of Chicken Hall haunts byways and creek beds. If you meet her, be cunning and polite; she knows the secret names of the oak of Heart's Desire, but she also knows how to whistle up the Devouring Wind. She wears one of the Big Bad Wolf's teeth on a ribbon around her neck.

(AKA this year's Hallowe'en Costume)

Deathface's sister, appropriately named Sister, and their cat, Clive.