InkTober Days 6-10

Way behind on posting these, both on this blog and on Twitter. Expect some catch-up posts shortly.

Prompt from Generatorland Monster Girl and Boy Generator: "bawdy faun girl who wears a raincoat and loves Cushion."

I admit freely that bawdy did not happen here.

From PickleKitty's Random Character Attribute Generator (thanks, Carolyn!): "Medium height, built/crystal armor/cat-like head/talisman"

He's clearly an adventurer, probably cursed--I like the concept (more than the execution) and may well revisit it eventually.

Prompt from the Seventh Sanctum Legendary Creature Generator: "This monster originated before mankind did. It resembles a salamander and has the face of an eagle. Its body seems to be made of bones."

We reached the last chamber of the father of Omec-larsi's people, having survived the Witch-Dog's traps, and here we found the father waiting for us--but in a form none of us ever expected even in our wildest nightmares of the Witch-Dog's treachery.

Prompt from PickleKitty's generator again (I was planning on doing a different one every day, but then I forgot): "Short, heavy/uniform/dog-like head/dual knives"

...You know, I don't really want to make up anything about this one. It speaks for itself.

Prompt from the Seventh Sanctum General Person Generator: "This silly lady has deep-set eyes the color of coffee with cream. Her thick, wavy, teal hair is worn in a style that reminds you of the rays of the sun. She is tall and has a slender build. Her skin is cream-colored. She has a hooked nose. Her wardrobe is unusual, and is mostly gray."

In other news, the 80s called.