InkTober: Days 1-5

I've been lured into participating in InkTober this year, which means that during the month of October I'll be producing an ink piece every day. Below are my drawings to date.

The rabbits of the Garlic Plateau are known for their pungent cooking and friendship with local yaks.

The Runcible Squirrels have attained new prominence since the Bird King commissioned them to build his fleet of fanciful pleasure boats, which sail over temperate forest and taiga and tundra.

The weasels of the Quiet Workshop travel downriver from their ancestral homes to the Silentious Meadows, in order to learn from the masters the art of ink painting. They sacrifice personally for their craft, but owing to some looseness with names they are the subject of fearful legends amongst other peoples of the taiga.

His Avian Majesty, Emperor of the Outermost Lands, Honorary Wolverine, and Sixtieth Occupant of Grandfather's Chair, known for his lavish patronage of the arts, his astute diplomacy, and his keen interest in hydroculture.

Even the rabbits of the Garlic Plateau know who Grandfather is. They, like every tribe from the mountains to the meadows, tell their own stories about him and the manner of his goings and comings. They say nothing about his connection to the Great Chair of the Bird Kings, and are inclined to dismiss such stories as the fancies of politicians.